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Consider factors such as literacy and culture as you develop a plan. She seemed to grasp the material well and was interested in what we talked about.

How technology is shaping patient education

Links to other sites are provided for information only -- they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. I learned a lot.

In many cases, it will be the family that you will be providing most of the instruction to. RH was feeling slightly better, I asked her how she was dealing with her sadness and feelings of depression. For example, she believed her depression was caused by the bereavement related to losing her husband when likely that factor is a major contributor to her depression but not the single, underlying cause.

I gave her a bed bath, helped her ambulate around the nursing unit, ordered her lunch, took a blood glucose reading, and gave her the scheduled medications with my instructor.

Patient Education Resources and Tools

She has a history of suicide twice in the past, but denies suicidal ideations this time. In some cases, it may not be possible to get the right materials for your patients' needs. Despite the flaws in this teaching plan, I think I provided Mrs. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

The relative simplicity of producing an app has been demonstrated by a recent study by Bournemouth University showing how people with type 1 diabetes can participate effectively in the design of an app for their use. Secondly, she also needed to be made aware of the possible therapy options and resources available to her.

Lastly, I would teach Mrs.

Choosing effective patient education materials

Probable outcomes in depression can be difficult to predict, but she needed to understand that depression is something she may struggle with for the rest of her life.

Ann Intern Med, 3The type of resources that a patient or support person responds to varies from person to person. I also did not want to oversimplify the concepts and lose the direct meaning.

The last objective for Mrs. Anticipate Questions Anticipate the questions your patient might ask and provide answers. The last objective for Mrs. RH wanted and needed more information on her condition. According to our textbook, Chronic Illnessolder adults learn best when you use concrete examples, build on past experience, allow time for processing and responses, and encourage active involvement p.

Patient Education and Counseling

SSRIs have few side effects, but the nurse must monitor the client for suicidal thoughts and symptoms of neuroleptic malignant syndrome. It is one of the most creative and intuitive aspects of nursing. I look forward to improving my teaching skills in the future experiences of my nursing career.

Lastly, I would teach Mrs. Lastly, I found out that Zoloft Sertraline is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Tremor, nausea, and dry mouth are the expected side effects.

I will also ask her a few questions and she must answer them correctly. Submissions will be peer-reviewed by two reviewers. Reflective practice - The Reflective Practice section includes papers about personal or professional experiences that provide a lesson applicable to caring, humanism, and relationship in health care.

No abstract is needed. RH to tell me that her depression is caused by a combination of life stressors i. This objective is cognitive and psychomotor because she must understand when to take her medication and physically express to me that she will do it.

If high blood sugar is not treated, it can cause you to go into a coma Aldridge, p. Psychomotor patient will demonstrate ability to self-administer Insulin with little, or no prompts.

How to Create Patient Teaching Plans

Practice Papers. Practice Papers are AADE issued guidelines for the diabetes educator on topics related to diabetes education and care.

Choosing effective patient education materials

In this paper, I will explain teaching plan for diabetes patient with regular insulin injection including with the purpose of plan, outcomes, behavioral objectives, and teaching method.

Diabetes is a common disease, which can be a serious life-long illness caused by high level of glucose in the blood. there are a number of ways to introduce patient teaching into a care plan.

it can be part of a nursing problem that includes teaching interventions. it can be part of the deficient knowledge (specify) or ineffective health maintenance diagnosis. the choice is yours to.

Oct 12,  · In the scope of patient teaching, my interest lies in helping people in difficult or vulnerable situations. Depression, for example, is a major barrier to patient learning that requires education in and of itself.

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Patient Education Plan Paper NUR/ 2/26/12 TRECIA JONES-CLOUDEN, MSN Patient’s description Patient is a 45 year old male that presented to the family physician office to follow up on his recent diagnosis of high blood pressure that was noticed during his annual physical examination at the company he is working for.

Patient teaching paper
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