Education system in pakistan

It is important to realize that the problems which hinder the provision of education are not just due to issues of management by government but some of them are deeply rooted in the social and cultural orientation of the people. In his article entitled "Ata ur Rehman school of Thought" he has strongly supported the reforms brought about by the dynamic and focused policies of the Higher Education Commission under the leadership of Atta-ur-Rahman.

Rehma, Karachi on Jan, 29 Reply 0 This system is miserably failing due to improper supervision and corruption from top to bottom. The economic cost is higher in private schools, but these are located in richer settlements only. Political overview[ edit ] In spite of its achievements, the HEC was criticised by Pervez Hoodbhoya nuclear physicist and a professor at the Quaid-e-Azam Universitywho maintained that "HEC have made higher education more expensive.

Education can be thought of as the transmission of the values and accumulated knowledge of a society. You Find this Article By: For any system to work it is imperative that relevant structures are developed. Honours degree requires four years of study, and students normally specialize in a chosen field of study, such as Biochemistry BSc Hons.

Islamic Education System vs Modern Education System in Pakistan

Check Other Related Topics. The government should take measures to get school buildings vacated which are occupied by feudal lords of Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab. This is locally termed a ' matriculation certificate ' or 'matric' for short. Other aspects of education are treated in a number of articles.

As ofPakistan faces a net primary school attendance rate for both sexes of 66 percent: Recommendations Technical education should be made a part of secondary education. According to Scimago world scientific database, if Pakistan continues at the same pace, its ranking will increase from 43 to 27 globally by The vocational curriculum starts at grade 5 and ends with grade DAE is a three years program of instructions which is equivalent to 12th grade.

Education in Pakistan

Atta-ur-Rahman is a "best-practice" example for developing countries aiming at building their human resources and establishing an innovative, technology-based economy. There are many streams students can choose for their 11 and 12 grades, such as pre-medical, pre-engineering, humanities or social sciencescomputer science and commerce.

It reached to 0. Workshops must be arranged for teachers. A nation can be strong with educated citizens. Education system of Pakistan: Doctor of Philosophy PhD education is available in selected areas and is usually pursued after earning a MPhil degree.

The education component forms the foundation of of HOPEs activities as without education of children and youth there will be no awareness and enlightment. For the middle level of education it was 0. All the interested, eligible, talented and motivated candidates must be keep visit on this page for latest updates and information stay with us regarding best education system in Pakistan.

Pakistan Cadet College Murree is an independent College, which provides training and education following military traditions and customs of the Pakistan Army.

Cadet College Murree, governed by the Board of Directors, is a non profit, interdenominational institution, and is not an official activity of the Pakistan Armed Forces. Education: Education, discipline that is concerned with methods of teaching and learning in schools or school-like environments as opposed to various nonformal and informal means of socialization (e.g., rural development projects and education through parent-child relationships).

Education can be thought of.

Education System of Sindh, Pakistan

EDUCATION. Punjab: Primary education in Punjab is achieving remarkable sgtraslochi.comn andPunjab has managed to increase enrolments by 1 million students, from to million students.

Sincethe province also has managed to hireteachers through a competitive, meritocratic hiring system. Mobile Services / Internet Service Provider / Data Centers. PTA | List of Operators | PTCL | National Telecommunication Corporation | IT and Telecom Sites.

The education system of Pakistan is comprised ofinstitutions and is facilitating 41, students with the help of 1, teachers. The system includespublic institutions and 80, private institutions.

Hence 31%. Primary Education In Pakistan, the education system adopted from colonial authorities has been described as one of the most underdeveloped in the world.

Education system in pakistan
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